Golhaye Shekasteh E345

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Feride is an idealist young officer who works in an orphanage. She tries to do her best to help the girls who lives in the orphanage. She tries to understand them and devotes her time to help them gain dignity. She considers these girls who are left behind by their parents as flowers in her garden. One day, a young girl named Eylul who is 17 years old comes to the orphanage. Eylul has a family consisting of her little sister, her mother, and her step father. When she discloses the harassment of her step father, she finds herself in the orphanage. She expects that her mother would send her step-father away but her mother sacrifices her own daughter and lets her go. Now, Eylul has to adapt her new life in the orphanage. Like Eylul, Feride also needs to start a new life because she discovers her affair and leaves him behind. She moves into another house where she meets a young and handsome neighbor named Toprak In this story, you will explore the difficult lives of young girls who live in the orphanage. Will Eylul manage to get through the difficulties in her new life? Will Feride manage to help the girls in the orphanage to gain their dignities? Will Feride find happiness again with Toprak?



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